"Le Loft Epicurien fosters a culture of bespoke services and excellence"

Our attention to detail and perfectionism guarantee quality. We apply these demanding standards to every aspect of our work.

In “L’atélier de la production” we create, shoot and finish all client communications. Above all, we aim for the highest level of quality. Being a premium and luxury brand is about having a discerning eye for detail. Therefore, every product leaving our agency has the Loft Epicurien quality stamp!

As final products we deliver:

TV Production (Commercials, Long Formats Video, Web TV, Vlogs)

Photoshoots – Brand Portofolio, Product & Lifestyle photo’s

Radio Campaigns

Instagram & Facebook content

Copywriting & translations in several languages

CRM Campaigning (Design, Content, Slicing to all formats, set-up and delivery to your customer base)

Public speaking/ Presentations

Press & Consumer events with our plus partners