Our philosophy

Today’s world is about always being busy and always being connected. Daily routines sometimes overwhelm our lives. 

Sometimes we are so submerged by this ‘dailiness’ that we forget to live in the moment.

In essence, luxury is about enjoying the moment. Taking time. Time to appreciate things and savor them.

Taking a top brewed coffee whilst having a splendid view outside or having dinner in a top restaurant makes you immediately escape the everyday.

This is what we call luxury. 

We believe in a world of beauty. In a world where refined brands, products and services can excite people.

These brands can bring effortless style and refinement. They can bring peace of mind or they can just give you an exquisite taste experience.

We take pride in the fact that we service these brands by our brand communications, with as much care for the people behind the brand and products.

Le Loft Epicurien, where strategy, creativity and crafted excellence blend together in a seamless communication for your brand.

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Le salon des pensées

Luxury brand strategy


La cuisine des idées

Luxury creative approach


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Luxury execution and crafted excellence


About us

The Le Loft Epicurien team consists of a qualitative mix of junior and senior profiles.

Leading the team is Wim De Schutter, who has almost 2 decades of experience working with blue-chip brands, such as Nespresso, Red Bull and Nutella.

As an ex marketer of well known and prestigious, he enables us to look at advertising from a different angle.

What do we all have in common? Luxury and premium brands excite us.

Our aim as a team is to translate a sense of luxury onto the strategic and creative work we deliver.

Here, we stand by the fact that strategy is the first and most important step before moving onto the creative approach.

We strongly believe that this is the ideal recipe for success and excellent communications

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